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  About our Coffee

Coffee growing is part of the culture of the Northern and Central Highlands of Nicaragua. FEV cultivates organic shade-grown arabica coffee in several varietals: Parainema, Ethiosar, Caturra, and Java. We strive to produce the best quality single-origin specialty coffee by protecting and conserving our ecosystem. FEV's location benefits a great deal from its micro-climate - a humid forest (cloud forest) with a short dry season (month of April and May), which attracts many species of migratory birds and butterflies. Its diversity thrives due to our strict practice of regenerative farming, conservation, and protection of this land and its natural resources.
FEV's successful cultivation of native trees, coffee, vegetable garden, and citrus orchard is due to our holistic approach to the environment. Our farming methods may be organic, but our passion is in supporting soil health with the help of our Vermiculture (worm farm), bio-minerals organic fertilizers (liquid and solid), food composting and our own Bokashi bran. As for our coffee processing methods - we use an artisanal wet mill to pulp, ferment and wash with minimal water from a mountain spring. We manage the honey water through three separate filtration wells and then dry the beans on raised African beds in the sun for a day or two until ready to be transported to the dry mill in Matagalpa for the final processing before exporting. 
Visitors and guests can learn about our responsible and sustainable coffee farming techniques from seed to cup by reserving the Coffee Tour activity at FEV. 
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