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fire sky FEV Martin
candles in pavilion
dining room entrance
common area view from cabin walk MP
martin - colibris

 The unique "eco" experience at FEV is built around the beautiful forests, shade-grown coffee, 60 – 100 mile views, fantastic birding, a well maintained trail system, care and restoration of habitats and the watershed, reforestation of native trees, extensive use of local building materials, green building techniques and renewable energy systems (hydro and solar). Visitors to FEV experience a level of quality and comfort superior to any mountain accommodations in Nicaragua. It is an opportunity to live extremely close to wild nature with the benefit of being safe and comfortable.


The tourism infrastructure consists of a main lodge/dining area with a commercial kitchen, two dorm-style brick cabins (sleep 6-8 people) with two private baths, three new 1-2 person wood cabins with private bath, 3 new brick cabins in the garden/nursery area to accommodate more adventurous budget travelers and volunteers, a tiled wood-fired central shower facility, a large pavilion for workshops/group gatherings/ yoga/meditation, a butterfly conservatory, 5 distinct and well maintained trails, 4 waterfalls, one with a natural swimming hole, a certified spring-fed water system and a solar and micro hydro-electric system.


Finca Esperanza Verde is a place where natural elements artfully blend together to complement one another - Minimalism balanced with quality; wild jungle balanced with comfort; rich, dark wood and brightly colored flowers and plants. One could call it a jungle Zen! It is clean, light, and open - and at the same time, personal, comfortable, even romantic.This combination of mountain wilderness blended with modern comforts is present in the architecture and design of the property, in the accommodations, and in the food. We like to believe we are giving our guests an experience that doesn’t take them out of the local culture but rather immerses them in the best that Nicaragua has to offer!

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