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Finca Esperanza Verde is an ecolodge and organic coffee farm that provides an environmentally friendly source of income for local Nicaraguans as well as serving as a financial resource for community projects. FEV is focused on attracting international customers while keeping most of the economic benefits in the local community. We are a social enterprise which has received international recognition as a model for poverty alleviation through sustainable tourism.


There are a rich array of activities and interactions with the local community offered for those wishing to be of service to the community. Here are some suggestions of activities visitors have enjoyed sharing with our school and finca community:

  • Teach arts and crafts at the finca’s elementary school “La Chispa”

  • Plant trees under the direction of FEV staff

  • Help FEV staff manage the worm farm and composting 

  • Join the garden crew in the organic vegetable garden or coffee nursery

  • Repair foot bridges and fences around the property

  • Teach a cooking class

  • Teach English to the staff

  • Website and social media management

Optimizing your experience:

  • Bring all equipment and supplies you will need and, when possible, donate them to the school or group you have worked with. We can also arrange for you to purchase any supplies here which would help support the local businesses

  • Prepare written instructions in Spanish describing how the game, course or activity is carried out. 

Longer-term Volunteer Opportunities at FEV

FEV is a busy place! With guests, staff, our cabins and kitchen, gardens, a school to support and various projects happening, we have many more in-depth, long-term volunteer needs.  Our programs include the opportunity to do volunteer work at the farm as well as in the surrounding communities. Our objective is to create an inter-cultural exchange for our volunteers to experience a direct interaction with farm workers and community.

 Here are some examples of projects volunteers have worked on in the past:

  • Reforestation at FEV and on neighboring farms. We place a lot of importance in the preservation and conservation of our forests. An ongoing project with the government enables us to acquire the seeds or seedlings of native trees to plant wherever needed.

  • Coffee picking. We pair you up with a local picker so you can learn how to select and pick the ripest cherries. This enables the picker to increase their yield by working together in the field with you. 2-6 hours a day. Harvest time at FEV is from December - February.

  • Develop a program at La Chispa School, including teacher training, environmental education and creative crafts utilizing local sustainable materials

  • There is a local women’s cooperative in El Plomo, near San Ramon who are producing beautiful simple jewelry - incorporating seeds and berries from the area. A volunteer to teach some simple metalwork techniques would make their beautiful creations more appealing to potential customers.

Our volunteers need to be the right fit. Functional Spanish (and the dedication to using it with staff and onsite for projects) is a must. Our ideal volunteers are self-starters, have done their background research and understand the blessings and challenges of our climate and culture. Volunteers understand the meaning of partnership and see themselves as a vessel to impart what they know while always honoring the people and indigenous knowledge and traditions in practice. Volunteering at FEV often means you will learn more than you are able to teach! 

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